Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 5, 2006: NaNoWriMo - Day 5

Not to gloat but...

Uh! Uh! 12,530 words! In yo' face!!!!

I'm cranking on, and I'm so proud of my accomplishment. I really love the characters of this book. The novel is called Triptych. Even though it's pronounced like the things that Triple A gives out when you're about to hit the road, a triptych is a three-paneled painting, in which the panel in the middle is the most crucial to the message that the artist is attempting to convey.

My novel, Triptych, is set in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. It concerns a man, Jonathan, who has cancer, and his cousin, Tim, a recent widower. At the center is Ally. She used to date Tim eons ago, even lost her virginity to him. Now, though, she's married to Jonathan. To keep her happy, Jonathan has an interest request for Tim, whose loyalty to his cousin makes him fulfil this request, at the expense of his still-fragile heart.

And, to quote Frrest Gump, "That all I'm gonna say about that."

Oh, well, I'm off to novel. Watch this space for more developments...

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