Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 12, 2006: Sending Shouties!

Hey y'all.

This is a shorty to say thanks to everyone who came out to the 2nd Annual Capital BookFest this past Saturday in Largo, MD. It was a cold, rainy day, but, according to Kwame Alexander, one of the organizers, the attendance was twice what it was last year. So, next year, it'll be off the charts! God willing...

I hung out with so many of my colleagues: Lyah Beth LaFlore, Karyn Langhorne, Lori Bryant-Woolridge, Bev Shaffer (the Brownie lady!), Patricia Carter Sluby, Jonathan Luckett. And the folks on my panel -- Mondella Jones, Gregg Wilhelm, and Ralph Eubanks... we killed! The place was packed. I hope folks there were able to take away something useful from what we were laying down. And, hey, if I missed mentioning anyone, please forgive me. I'm in serious C.R.S. mode lately.

Now -- focus on me -- I told you in the last post about Blogging in Black, the blog for us, by us... or is that FUBU? Anyhu, I digress. My piece on the blog appears on Saturday October 14, hopefully at 12:01 am, but please give me the West Indian-ten-minutes-past-C.P.-Time curve if it's not up the minute the clock strikes the new day. I'm still honing my acerbic wit (that's the Brooklyn-Jersey part of The Kid). So, stay tuned. You'll be able to find me at Blogging in Black on the fourteenth of every month. Don't be a stranger, and support us!

All right. I'm going to dig out my warm coat now. And then maybe I'll go take Dogzilla for a run in the newly fallen leaves. I just love autumn!



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Hi Wendy!

Can't wait to read the Blogging in Black post! I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!


Wendy Coakley-Thompson said...

About the blog post, from your lips to the Big G's ear! Are you okay? Are we going to have dig you out too? Or is it just Buffalo getting pimp-slapped by Mother Nature?

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Girl, it's just Buffalo! But I'm really nervous that we'll be getting hit with snow before the end of the month in the 'Cuse too. It is crazy! It's barely the middle of October. The leaves haven't even fell yet and they got snow. Girl, I need to move. LOL.