Saturday, December 03, 2005

Look Who's Blogging Now!

Hey, y'all!

This is the premiere entry into my very own blog, and I am so excited. What caused me to get on the bandwagon was the use of blogs by folks like Arianna Huffington and Andrew Sullivan. I figured, hey, if they can use such a tool for something as lofty as politics, I can use it for something less heavy… like my fiction. Although I live in D.C. now – again! – and some of the things that happen in this town are sure stranger than some plots (fiendish or otherwise) that I could ever cook up.

Plus the immediacy of the blog will give me the chance to communicate with folks who are vibing on the same wavelength as I am. I like that. I can talk right now about my new baby, What You Won’t Do For Love, which dropped in November and is available wherever fine books are sold. This is the description:

Thirty-six-year-old Chaney’s dealing with her e-learning firm’s hellish clients, an anal-retentive older sister, and a flaky middle sister who runs off with her musician lover on tour, leaving Chaney to watch her high-maintenance yellow Lab, Tony. Such is life in D.C. circa 2002, as Chaney dodges shots to the heart from Devin, the cute veterinarian tadpole who’s all of twenty-eight, and a sniper with a Bushmaster XM15 E2S rifle…

I’ll also be using the forum of this blog to wax about the state of being a fiction writer at the dawn of a new millennium, at the rebirth of this growing genre… fiction featuring people of African descent as characters. That could involve anything, so I’m going to stay as open as I can.

Please stick with me. I’ll echo Mariah Carey’s sentiment: without fans, I am nothing.

And keep watching this space…

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