Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 09, 2005

This week, I remembered one aspect of life in the Washington DC area that I'd just as soon rather forget: SNOW! Tons and tons of snow! The stuff is great when you're a kid, and you get the day off from school, but a grown-up with stuff to do? It loses its appeal

But I love living in the DC area. It's probably one of the best places to live if you're a writer. Most everyone's up on current events and balances that with a healthy infusion of pop culture. It is said that Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people. I take exception to that on the aesthetic tip, but I understand what they mean. I mean, where else can you be running in Georgetown and jog past Senate Leader Bill Frist, which is what happened to my friend some time ago. Way before that pesky insider-trading-stock scandal. And the scandals here are so juicy. It's not just sex, but sex and power, the Castor and Pollux of afrodisiacs. As a writer, I think I'll have enough plots to last me a good long time. Plus writers I like use a certain city as their Muse. Eric Jerome Dickey waxes poetically about Los Angeles. Jennifer Weiner is as inextricably linked to Philly as a sinful Geno's cheesesteak. Like Helen Fielding and London. And Candace Bushnell (and insert any other chicklit author here) and New York... well, I think I've belabored the point, don't you?

When I was writing What You Won't Do For Love, I was living in Atlanta and missing DC. So, it was very cathartic to have Devin and his boys and Chaney and her girls ride the metro, and go to happy hour at places like the Rhodeside, where I've spent many a Happy Hour, check out Mystics games at the MCI Center, or partake of the offerings on Rockville Pike, where the shopping is divine... and there's parking to boot! So, I'm happy to be back, chilling with my Muse... and digging out from under all the snow!

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