Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17, 2007: Luck is Where the Book Nerd Meets the Radio

Allow me to channel my Inner Guy and tell you about The Book Squad. This is the back story of how I got on the radio.

It all started when poet extraordinaire Kwame Alexander invited me to speak at the 2006 Capital Bookfest. There, I met Karyn Langhorne, signing copies of her book Diary of an Ugly Duckling (hilarious and poignant; you should read it). I had lunch with her and her family after we’d done our bit at the Bookfest, and, as one tends to do at these things, promised we’d get together, as we were both local. Over the next few months, we’d exchanged autographed copies of each other’s books and corresponded via snail mail and e-mail. Nothing too eventful. So, imagine my surprise when, early this year, she asked if I’d like to join her in hosting something called The Book Squad, a show where we would, as the tagline says, “track down the hottest authors and bring them in for questioning.” Once we’d worked out the thorny details, I said yes.

I confess; my motives weren’t exactly pure...

To see the rest, go to Blogging in Black, where I now post on April 17th...

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